By Flipside Circus and Counterpilot in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse
Performance history

Premiere season
17 – 26 OCT, 2019
Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse
Presented via the Bridge Program

Performance specifics

Running time 55 minutes.
Large cast and small cast versions available for touring.




Fuse acrobatic virtuosity and live biometric data and you get Statum – a circus show like no other.

A brand-new physical performance by the award-winning Flipside Circus and Counterpilot in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse, Statum is a new kind of circus spectacle.

On average we produce around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Our lives are edited, recorded and uploaded.

Inspired by a series of techno-circus experiments, Statum explores the interplay between human bodies and technology – audiences are invited to inhabit performer’s bodies, analyse their heart rate, and explore the relationship between acrobats and the digital in this astounding re-imagining of movement and circus.

Flipside Circus’ Creative Producer and CEO Robert Kronk said Statum is adventurous, exciting and “a bit risky”.

“We want to break down and re-imagine ideas of what circus arts and youth arts are,” he said. “The combination of circus and technology in this project gives us an opportunity to really stretch our artists and the form.”

Nathan Sibthorpe, director of Counterpilot and Statum’s co-director, was excited to use technology “to amplify, zoom in, splice open and reveal entirely new perspectives on the humans sharing our room. All the while somehow keeping the spirit of a good old carnival!”

Step inside and take a look around, this is going to get personal.

Creative team

Director / video co-design / creator: Nathan Sibthorpe
Director / dramaturg / creator: Robert Kronk

Performers / creators:
Flipside Circus Performance Troupe
Mia Hughes, Tula Homes, Zebedee Davies, Eden Vann, Oscar Morris,
Samantha Giles, Cassidy Burke, Lucy Hunterland, Aurora Bennett-Godde.

Production manager / video co-design: Jeremy Gordon
Main trainer / creator: Aliya Abisheva
Lighting design: Christine Felmingham
Audio / sound design: Mike Willmett
Design consultant: Sarah Winter
Set construction: John Felmingham
Software design: Clinton Freeman
Associate artists/design: Kelsey Booth

Voice performances by: Lucas Stibbard, Kate O’Sullivan

Production partner: PQI Audio Visual
Production photos by: Creative Futures

Special Thanks to Ben Murray, Veronica Neave, Freddy Komp, Craig Wilkinson


“Engaging and unique… should be applauded for their creativity and innovation.” – Luisa Ryan

Creative futures

“A mesmerising integration of circus, data and video… Statum is a must see for fans of circus and acrobatics, and also for videographers and self-proclaimed geeks.” – Catherine Lawrence

“Definitely worth the standing ovation!” – Christie Campbell

“A wonderfully intriguing, joyful and energetic interactive techno circus performance.” – Joanne Tindale


This project has been supported by The Bridge, an initiative of Brisbane Powerhouse and Brisbane City Council.
Development supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Performance Dates

Thu 30 Jun
Thu 30 Jun