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Board Members

flipside-Hamish Clift

Hamish Clift


Hamish is a Brisbane barrister who has been involved with arts organisations in various roles for over twenty years.

flipside-Felicity Mandile

Felicity Mandile

Felicity is Deputy Executive Director of Queensland Ballet, with the responsibility for imagining and implementing key initiatives aligned with Queensland Ballet’s growth strategy and Queensland Ballet’s presence in, impact on and responsiveness to all communities and their participants. Felicity lead the conceptualisation and development of the new Queensland Ballet Academy at Kelvin Grove State College and is currently leading the redevelopment of Queensland Ballet’s heritage home, in West End, Brisbane.

flipside-Sarah Thomasson

Sarah Thomasson

Sarah is a Lecturer in the Theatre Programme at Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington with a research interest in international arts festivals and and their fringes. She has over 15 years experience in Stage and Production Management with a number of Brisbane companies. She is also on the board of indelabilityarts.

flipside-Catherine Nufer-Barr

Catherine Nufer-Barr


Catherine is Flipside’s Treasurer and is a lawyer at HopgoodGanim Lawyers specialising in taxation, structuring and corporate governance. She is a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) and acts for a range of clients from high net wealth individuals, privately owned groups, large multinationals and a range of small to large charities and not for profits.

flipside-Cameron Hoffmann

Cameron Hoffmann

Cameron is a Principal with RPS, and has over 20 years experience as a Town Planning Consultant, focusing on master planned communities, major projects and sustainable design and transport policy development. Cameron is a board director of the Australian Green Development Forum, and a member of UDIA’s City Plan Review and State Conference Committees.

Cameron balances his professional life with casual forays into circus and physical theatre, and has been known to rollerblade in outrageous outfits.

Management & Administration

flipside-Josie O’Boyle

Josie O’Boyle

Marketing Coordinator

Along with being an MBA candidate and aerialist Josie is Flipside’s Marketing Coordinator. She loves all things social and wants to share the message that our students can do anything, and that we can “Unthink the Impossible”.

flipside-Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell

Customer Service & Philanthropy Coordinator
Rebecca joined the Flipside team in April 2019.  Her role at Flipside includes managing term and school holiday workshop enrolments, invoicing, small grant applications and sponsorship proposals.
Rebecca has worked in the arts industry in administrative and executive roles for the past 16 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role here at Flipside.
flipside-Kelsey Booth

Kelsey Booth

Associate artist

Kelsey is Flipside’s associate artist, as well as working as a circus trainer.  She began classes at Flipside when she was five years old and graduated from Flipside’s performance troupe in 2019.

With her roots in the Brisbane circus community, she is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Technical Production) at QUT and aims to become a visual designer for live performance and hopes to improve the accessibility of circus and performance experiences for all people, particularly those with disabilities.

flipside-Phoebe Waltham

Phoebe Waltham

Head Trainer & Co Program coordinator
Circus, Dance, Gymnastic, and performing arts instructor, Phoebe has over ten years’ experience teaching children. Along with a diploma in Dance teaching and business management, and a trail of international performances, which include the UK and USA. As well as teaching circus classes Phoebe writes lesson plans and makes sure all our students are in the right class.
Before moving to Brisbane in 2018 and joining Flipside Phoebe managed a Circus school, gymnastics center and dance company in Melbourne.
flipside-Brooke Hill

Brooke Hill

Program Coordinator

Brooke has a wealth of experience and knowledge in and of the circus industry, as a performer, trainer and manager. Brooke joined the Flying Fruit Fly Circus at age 9 learning (and perfecting) ground and aerial skills as a solo artist and ensemble member. After 10 years at Flying Fruit Fly, Brooke went on to train and perform with different Australian circus, physical theatre and dance companies.

After moving to Brisbane in 2005, she worked as a trainer and rigger for Circa, Vulcana and Flipside, as a freelance performer, and then as head trainer and training centre manager at Circa.

flipside-Robert Kronk

Robert Kronk

CEO/Artistic Director

Robert is Flipside’s CEO/Artistic Director. He is a co-founder of debase productions and was debase’s general manager until 2016. He was the director of programming and director of operations at Metro Arts until 2008 and has worked extensively as a director, writer, performer, and producer for companies including; La Boite, Brisbane Festival, Queensland Theatre Company, and Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Robert has also worked as an academic at the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Southern Queensland.

flipside-Gabriela Gallardo

Gabriela Gallardo

Arts and Production Manager / Regional and Remote Program Manager
Hailing from Ecuador, Gabriela has an extensive and diverse back catalogue of arts projects.
From working in Government cultural policy development to international poetry festivals, tourism and communications to studying her Masters in Creative Production and Arts Management she brings a unique blend of theory and practice to Flipside Circus.
Gabriela is passionate about visibility and diversity in arts projects where audiences can share in stories that capture a variety of cultures and lived experiences.
flipside-Jo Volz

Jo Volz

Finance and Administration Manager

Jo Volz is Flipside Circus’ Finance and Administration Manager. Originally joining the Flipside community as a parent when she enrolled her child in classes in 2010, Jo has been employed at Flipside Circus since January 2011. Managing the accounts and staffing on a daily basis Jo feels she has mastered the unsung skill of ‘admin juggling’, though she has yet to manage keeping three balls in the air for more than a few seconds.

Prior to running away to join the circus Jo worked in independent publishing at Brisbane’s Child magazine and Time Off magazine for over 15 years. Jo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities.


flipside-Rachel Robinson

Rachel Robinson

Coming to Flipside at 12 years old, Rachel loved being upside and up in the air. She started her circus journey as an aerialist, spending every moment she could doing hanging off the trapeze. Rachel found a love for performing after doing a silks act for one of Flipside’s community shows and soon joined Flipside Circus’s Performance Troupe specialising in Lyra, hand balancing and group acrobatics. Rachel has now performed at venues all over the Brisbane region including, Brisbane Festival, HOTA, Southbank Piazza and Flipside Circus.

flipside-Lucy Hunterland

Lucy Hunterland

After struggling to find her hobby in primary school, Lucy came across and fell in love with circus. Lucy has been a member of troupe since the age of 12 and now specialises in basing, double trapeze, silks, and group acrobatics. Her favourite thing to do as an acrobat is to perform, as she really enjoys sharing her skills and art with an audience.

flipside-Oscar Morris

Oscar Morris

Oscar joined the Flipside Circus Performance Troupe a few years after discovering circus, soon finding a love for all things acrobatic including hand to hand, tumbling, toss and banquine. He also specialises in juggling and Chinese pole Oscar has performed in various festivals and venues around Brisbane and Queensland including the Woodford Folk Festival, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, QPAC, HOTA, and the Southbank Piazza.

flipside-Josie O’Boyle

Josie O’Boyle

Falling in love with circus at the age of ten after watching a Moulin Rouge inspired silks routine, Josie obsessed and trained in all things aerials. Josie has trained, performed and choreographed performances in Scotland, London, the US and Brisbane, specialising in silks, flying trapeze, static trapeze and Spanish web.

flipside-Alana Langley

Alana Langley

Alana has spent six years as part of Flipside’s performance troupe, creating and performing notable performances for Brisbane Festival, Creative Generation and the 2016 Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball. Recently, she began studying Occupational Therapy, specialising in paediatrics.

flipside-Mia Hughes

Mia Hughes

Training since the age of 3, Mia joined Flipside’s performance troupe when she was 11, specialising in tumbling and group acrobatics. Her recent performance We Live Here, won the Matilda Award for best physical theatre.

flipside-Izzy Lawton

Izzy Lawton

Circa Youth Ensemble Circa Zoo and Flipside Circus troupe performer, Izzy specialises in tumbling, trapeze and group/ partner acrobatics, where she maintains her passion for being upside down. This passion and love for circus has led to Izzy to study a bachelor of exercise science.

flipside-Amy Stuart

Amy Stuart

Performing circus artist Amy, graduated from Flying Fruit Fly Circus school in 2015 and travels Australia with the Madhouse Circus. Her most recent performance We Live Here, received two Matilda Awards.

flipside-Alex Weckes-Huck

Alex Weckes-Huck

Alex has performed extensively nationally and internationally both as an independent artist and working for companies such as Company 2 and Casus.  Alex spent his formative years as a performer onstage with Flipside Circus’s youth performance troupe.  Following this he attended the National Institute of Circus Art (NICA).

flipside-Davy Sampford

Davy Sampford

Passionate juggler and instructor Davy has over 25 years of experience as an independent artist and director. A founding member of two very successful Brisbane companies, Circa and Briefs. He has also worked for Circus OZ and Circus Monoxide.

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Flipside Circus a great organisation teaching gymnastic skills in a fun and nurturing way. Taking in age groups from the very young to the fully grown, physical and mental confidence is encouraged and developed using circus performance skills and acts. This approach is particularly embraced by the youngest members (pre-high school). A great community atmosphere which embraces students, instructors, other staff, parents, family and friends. Highly recommended for children seeking something physically different and less competitive then other team sports.

Andrew Bevan