Step Ups and Performance troupe

13 Years to 17 Years

Term 2
By invitation only
Step Ups

Fri 1 May – Fri 3 July (10 weeks)
4:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Performance Troupe
Fri 1 May – Fri 3 July (10 weeks)
4:00 pm – 4:45 pm


  • Online program

Step Ups and Performance troupe

Our live classes are designed for our students to keep up strength, flexibility and coordination to make the transition back to regular classes, as smooth as possible. We are also wanting our students to stay connected with our trainers and each other and just enjoy circus as we usually do but just engage in a different way.

Classes will include stretching & movement, flexibility training, handstand / tumbling fundamentals & drills, balance work, conditioning exercises as well as some juggling and manipulation using all sorts of objects you may find around the house or that you can easily and inexpensively make. (We will let you know of the lessons that include objects that you might want to have ready prior to starting the class.)

In addition to the live classes, we have prepared 4 pre-recorded videos per age per class group – Active Warm Up, Warm Up stretch, Cool Down & Conditioning to be done before and after classes and as an extra training resource for our participants to do on top of the live weekly session. See videos below:





Flipside circus online training Terms and conditions

  • The area you will use to do these online classes should be appropriate to the skills being practiced. 
  • If there is a skill in one of the classes that is not familiar to you and outside of your ability please skip that activity or subsidise it with something similar that you can safely achieve. (eg If you would normally require spotting for a skill please do not do this skill by yourself. If you are in a live session and the trainer has not offered an alternate skill that suits your ability please put your hand up and ask.) 
  • Anyone under 18 should have parental permission to do these classes and do so under parental supervision.
  • Flipside Circus is not responsible for your space or your safety when taking on these classes.