Free Prerecorded Adult Classes

18 Years to 101 Years

A series of 40-minute pre-recorded classes for our adult circus stars.

The program is primarily a fitness class but uses circus skills and techniques to build strength. And as always, there’s some quirky circus thrown in for fun!

  • Prerecorded Classes

Free Prerecorded Adult Classes

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Session 2


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  • The area you will use to do these prerecorded classes should be appropriate to the skills being practiced.
  • If there is a skill in one of the classes that is not familiar to you and outside of your ability please skip that activity or substitute it with something similar that you can safely achieve. (eg If you would normally require spotting for a skill please do not do this skill by yourself. If you are in a live session and the trainer has not offered an alternate skill that suits your ability please put your hand up and ask.)
  • Anyone under 18 should have parental permission to do these classes and do so under parental supervision.
  • Flipside Circus is not responsible for your space or your safety when taking on these classes.


Flipside Circus is a registered charity, it means that we reinvest 100% of revenue to our mission – to empower communities through circus.

Join Flipside Circus with a one-off or monthly gift:

  • $15 per month:  Subsidies circus training for a young person with a disability or special needs
  • $30 per month:  Delivers a one term bursary for a young person in need.
  • $100 per month:  Gets Flipside artists to a regional/remote community for a day