4 Day Circation at Flipside Circus

8 Years to 16 Years

9:00AM - 4:00PM Showing at 3:00PM on Thursday.

Mon 3 Apr – Thur 6 Apr

Cost/Full Program


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4 Day Circation at Flipside Circus

Immerse yourself in circus for 4 days of skills training and show development. Suitable for all skill and fitness levels.

This four day intensive circus program includes a variety of circus skills taught by our amazing circus trainers. Come along and you’ll learn juggling and manipulation, tumbling and acrobatics, and aerials like trapeze and lyra, plus a range of other circus skills. Our trainers will collaborate with the students to create a show highlighting the circus skills learnt during the week. Family and friends are invited to come and see the show on the Friday afternoon.

Every student takes homes a special certificate.