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Flipside Circus, Queensland’s largest youth arts company, will be part of the 10 arts-fuelled days and nights across the Sunshine Coast at the Horizon Festival with Revolve.

Revolve is a circus party, combing Flipside Circus’ acclaimed performance troupe, experienced circus artists, a live DJ, and lots and lots of wheels to create a show that is bursting at the seams with energy and fun.

Originally commissioned by the Commonwealth Games last year, Revolve has also appeared at the Woodford Folk Festival, Redland Performing Arts Centre and in Gympie.

Revolve brings together 12 of Queensland’s youngest circus stars. “Our young performers are artists in their own right and helped build the show,” says the show’s dramaturge Robert Kronk who is also Flipside’s creative producer.

Flipside Circus is committed to getting the performers as involved in the creative process as possible.

“When a show like this comes up, what we try to do is get our young artists to collaborate with experienced artists and get them in the room together and it’s a really nice two-way learning process,” Robert explains.

Revolve, is an optimistic celebration of what the future could be. Playing with ideas of loops, circles… and revolutions, Revolve combines frenetic tumbling and acrobatics, and as many wheels as can be crammed onto a stage; unicycle, group bike, roller skates, roller blades, scooters, tractor inner tubes, and more.

All this activity is combined with an awesome ever-changing soundtrack delivered live by DJ Thom Browning.

The audience spent the night holding their breath, in complete awe of the talent of these young performers,” – The Creative Issue

“A little slice of home-grown circus magic,” – Australian Stage

Developed by Flipside’s performance troupe, renowned circus artist Chelsea McGuffin, Flipside Creative Producer and dramaturg Robert Kronk, remount director Kelsey Adams, performer and trainer Davy Sampford, sound designer and DJ Kitty Gatling, remount DJ Thom Browning, designer Josh McIntosh and head trainer Aliya Abeshiva.

Flipside Circus presents Revolve

Original director/creator:              Chelsea McGuffin
Remount director/creator:          Kelsey Adams
Creators/performers:                    Flipside Circus Performance Troupe
Creator/performer/trainer:        Davy Sampford
Dramaturge/creator:                      Robert Kronk
Original sound design/DJ:             Kitty Gatling
Remount sound/DJ:                       Thom Browning
Designer:                                             Josh McIntosh

WHERE:               Harmony Boulevard, via Peter Crosby Way, Palmview

Sat 31 Aug & Sun 1 Sep
11am + 3pm

TICKETS:               FREE