Statum Tech Med 051

Insanely talented young artists blend circus and technology to perfection

This show cements Flipside Circus as a National Leader in arts and circus, and the Powerhouse Visy Theatre was easy to get to and provided a cosy venue for audience participation.

The stage was enhanced by a back wall with pegs which was used very cleverly by the actors with their acrobatics, reminding me of the TV reality show ‘Survivor.’

Great music, lighting, use of space, teamwork, humour and balance.

Interesting to see a heartbeat sensor in action and good use of space and stage props such as the beam and microphone.

The performers all displayed strength, flexibility and agility and I thought Eden (the youngest) was the star of the show, displaying maturity beyond her years.

I found the BURPING a bit vulgar but the rest of the audience were humoured by it.

I came away challenged to make a difference in the world and went straight to the box office to purchase tickets for my boys (aged 11 and 15) to see the show next weekend, as I know that they too will love all the human trivia and watching the strength and poise of the performers.

Definitely worth the standing ovation!

By Christie Campbell

Really fun interactive experience that will keep the whole family entertained!

Statum created an incredibly interactive and exciting atmosphere for the audience.

The set was beautifully designed and used to its fullest potential.

The lighting and audio design was also a really fun design and kept the audience on their toes while being engaged throughout the entire performance.

The role of the narrator made the audience feel like a part of the performance throughout the show, by asking scripted questions yet receiving improvised responses.

The use of different cameras throughout the show really enforced to the audience the message about living in the moment, (while showing some cool circus tricks from obscure angles!)

I would recommend this show to someone looking for something a little bit different, but still out for a really fun night.

By Rachel Layt


A wonderfully intriguing, joyful and energetic interactive techno circus performance

A wonderfully intriguing, uplifting and energetic interactive techno circus performance by award-winning Flipside Circus, Counterpilot and Brisbane Powerhouse.

Statum radiates joy and hope for the future but be prepared: the intrigue and interactivity between audience members and performers begins in the foyer of the cosy Visy Theatre before the performance.

Are you an obedient audience member?

Will you disclose your secrets to strangers?

Be warned!

Audience members are asked to complete a short online survey on their phones which is a series of seemingly odd and random questions.

However, the survey data is cleverly integrated into the highly energetic and thought-provoking circus acts which are enriched by the innovative use of technology and lighting.

Through the interactivity of acrobatics, technology and data, Statum explores the concept of living in the present and appreciating the value of ‘now’ in a world where 500 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Statum challenges the audience to contemplate the significance of the world of selfies and the sharing of personal data and ponder the significance of data about Brisbane.

Spectators become participants when they are drawn into the world of the young performers who share personal data such as heart rate, step count, selfies, and live video coverage of the performance.

This exciting new work is presented by Counterpilot which is a collective of interdisciplinary artists directed by Nathan Sibthorpe and Mike Willmett (sound designer), Clinton Freeman (software designer), Christine Felmingham (technical designer) and Toby Martin (writer and performer).

Statum has been supported by The Bridge, an initiative of Brisbane Powerhouse and Brisbane City Council.

Development of Statum was assisted by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Flipside Circus is Queensland’s largest youth arts organisation.

By Joanne Tindale
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