What better way to kick off our 20th birthday celebrations than with a giant circus-themed birthday performance party ‘You’re Invited!’

‘Your Invited’ is our community show for 2018 – featuring up to 40 students and a colourful, helium filled array of party games, presents and enough cake to juggle.

The Flipside story began in 1998 when our first eager children became enthralled by the world of circus. 20 years and over 1,000,000 participants later our story is only getting bigger and more exciting. We would love you to join us and help celebrate this incredible milestone.

The community show, is an annual event where students work with Flipside Circus trainer-artists to create an original work. This year be amazed as our students and a GIANT cake will welcome you into a world of party hats, piñatas and creative chaos.

Performance Dates

Fri 13 Jul5:00 pmFlipside CircusBOOK HERE
Sat 14 Jul1:00 pmFlipside CircusBOOK HERE
Sat 14 Jul4:00 pmFlipside CircusBOOK HERE

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