Our devices know more about us than we do. The iPhone has 26 different sensors to collect data. Google home is always listening, your webcam always watching, and your smart watch…? The cloud is probably tracking your heart rate, sweat, brain activity, muscle tension, geo-location, and more.

Flipside Circus and Counterpilot are collaborating to create Statum a new physical performance work based on a whimsical series of techno-circus experiments. Live biometric data will be combined with the virtuosity of acrobatic bodies to present a new kind of circus spectacle.

Statum brings the audience inside the action in a totally new way. Live data visualisations and responsive sound design will bring us even closer, dissecting the detail of a moment with digital curiosity.

Performance history
Premiere Brisbane Powerhouse 23 Oct – 4 Nov 2019
For bookings and more information contact Robert at robert@flipsidecircus.org.au

Creative team
Director/devisor: Nathan Sibthorpe – Counterpilot
Director/devisor/dramaturge: Robert Kronk
Performer/design assistant/assistant director: Kelsey Booth
Devisors/Performers: Flipside Circus Performance Troupe
Lighting design: Christine Felmingham
Audio and sound design: Mike Willmett
Production and visual design: Jeremy Gordon
Software design: Clinton Freeman
Set design: Josh McIntosh

Performance specifics
Running time 55 minutes.
Large cast and small cast versions available for touring.

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