Flipside Circus is Queensland's largest youth arts company. We enjoy a strong, national reputation for excellence in training and performance as well as for supporting Queensland's circus sector.

Flipside values children and young people as cultural creators and works with a team of extraordinary trainers and artists.

Flipside is committed to developing nation leading youth arts and circus arts practice through collaboration with professional artists, independent companies, and other arts organisations.


Bring the family along to this year's FIESTA a jam packed, circus filled, fun day of performances, food, trash & treasure, stalls, face painting, sideshows games, and a gigantic raffle.

You’re invited

‘Your Invited’ is Flipside Circus community show for 2018 – featuring up to 40 students and a colourful, helium filled array of party games and enough cake to juggle. Bookings here!


Flipside Circus presents Hourglass, a circus-filled interpretation of our past, present and future.

The games we play

Childhood play inspires lifelong creativity, imagination, exploration, and discovery. Join the Flipside Circus kids as they reignite this magic in The Games We Play. It is a charming interpretation of the all-important work of children – playing games!

Fairy Bread

So you think you know your fairy tales? Think again! Fairy Bread promises a dreamlike mash-up of your favourite fairy tales… with an added twist.

My Circus Rules!

My Circus Rules was the end of year school show extravaganza our students performed in 2015. Some of Flipside’s talented students performed a whirlwind of unthinkable circus madness at our training centre to the delight of their families, trainers, and peers.

Klimek’s Dancing Numbers

Discover the link between juggling and math...


Chaos circus--full of colour, spectacular tricks, and so much fun

Where The Wild Circus Is

Come along on an adventure to find Where the Wild Circus Is! Upcoming Performances from Friday 26 Sep - Saturday 27 September at Flipside Circus Training Centre, 117 Mina Pde, Alderley.