Flipside Circus produces high quality, polished work in collaboration with our young performers from the Performance Troupe and our outstanding staff including internationally touring and recognised performers. Our performances have a regular home at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts and Woodford Folk Festival, and are enjoyed by many throughout the year in venues throughout South East Queensland.


Besieged by mountains of rubbish, 12 extraordinary young performers recycle and reuse discarded items, reimagining circus and what our future could be.

Stories from the Sky

Fresh-faced, fit and fearless. The fabulous Flipside Circus artists return with their all-new show, the spectacular school holiday treat, Stories from the Sky. “The joy of the duo work and the strength and trust of the ensemble work” Xanthe Coward, XS Entertainment

Pretty Pretty Please

It’s all in the way we ask. Pretty, Pretty Please? takes us on a roller coaster ride through the questions, answers, challenges and discoveries of how children ask for what they want!


Flipside Circus presents Hourglass, a circus-filled interpretation of our past, present and future.


Come and view life through Ethan’s eyes with Kaleidoscope a joyous, poetic circus experience that explores the great beauty found in the smallest things.

Fairy Bread

So you think you know your fairy tales? Think again! Fairy Bread promises a dreamlike mash-up of your favourite fairy tales… with an added twist.

The games we play

Childhood play inspires lifelong creativity, imagination, exploration, and discovery. Join the Flipside Circus kids as they reignite this magic in The Games We Play. It is a charming interpretation of the all-important work of children – playing games!

The Dream, Risk, Laugh Show!

Roll up to our circus, roll up and you'll see, What a D.I.Y. circus is cracked up to be.

My Circus Rules!

My Circus Rules was the end of year school show extravaganza our students performed in 2015. Some of Flipside’s talented students performed a whirlwind of unthinkable circus madness at our training centre to the delight of their families, trainers, and peers.

Klimek’s Dancing Numbers

Discover the link between juggling and math...