Review: Statum by Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

Statum is a smashing show, a dynamic collaboration between Flipside Circus and Nathan Sibthorpe (Counterpilot). Setting the standard for high-quality productions from youth ensembles, Flipside have created a fun hour of high-energy stunts, fusing technology and circus tricks in a … more

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Review: Statum by IMHO

Insanely talented young artists blend circus and technology to perfection This show cements Flipside Circus as a National Leader in arts and circus, and the Powerhouse Visy Theatre was easy to get to and provided a cosy venue for audience … more

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Review: Statum by Creative Futures

It looks as if Flipside Circus have another hit on their hands. And of course, as skilled circus practitioners, ‘on their hands’ is a feature of Statum, a production that includes a witty take on different types of ‘walking on … more

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Review: Statum by Scenestr

‘Statum’ is an engaging and unique performance for all ages, full of physicality, fun, and challenges to our new, data-driven world. Performed by Flipside Circus in collaboration with Counterpilot, ‘Statum’ is a feat of physical strength, stamina and beauty, fused … more

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Statum, the geekiest circus to date

Fuse acrobatic virtuosity and live biometric data and you get Statum – a circus show like no other. A brand-new physical performance by the award-winning Flipside Circus and Counterpilot in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse, Statum is a new kind of … more


Review: We Live Here by Michelle Collins The Courier Mail

SHOW SHOULD BE ON EVERYONE’S BUCKET LIST We Live Here is a thoughtful and beautifully presented insight into death and dying — and it’s also a great piece of circus A Circus by young people about death – We Live … more

Flipside Circus We Live Here

Review: We Live Here by George Dunford-Arts Hub

How does circus take on death and memory? In collaboration with a hospice for young people, Flipside Circus attempts to look at mortality. Amy Stuart carries the cast as she simulates the role of a busy mother and medical carer. … more


Review: We Live Here by Samara Sutton-Baker

Highlights the cheer that can be found in an ostensibly sad place. Only three children’s hospices exist in Australia. Only one production in the Brisbane Festival children’s program is performed by children. And that is where the potency of We … more


Review: We Live Here by Catherine Lawrence

The 2019 Brisbane Festival is teeming with many fantastic options. It can be difficult to choose… which might mean that some patrons might first be tempted to skip over a show that is listed under ‘circus’ and ‘family.’ Which would … more


Flipside Circus at Brisbane Festival

Flipside Circus, Queensland’s largest youth arts company is presenting its award-winning show We Live Here at Brisbane Festival for four days only. We Live Here is an inspiring circus show that celebrates the memories and moments that make a life, … more

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