Flipside Circus Centre is available for hire. A fully equipped, dedicated circus centre based in Alderley.

Venue hire

The Flipside Circus Training Centre comprises a 1500 square metre warehouse with a height of 7.3 metres.

Permanently installed circus apparatus includes: Tightwire, Mini-tramp, Big Trampoline, Lyra, Tissu, Spanish web, Juggling equipment, Unicycles, Trapeze, Manipulation equipment, Hula Hoops, Swing Trapeze and more.

Plant Room Hire

Our smaller self-contained room is ideal for groups and individuals for rehearsals, showings, and events.

Dimensions 9 m x 7 m

Rigging point at 4.6m

Matted working space 6 m x 6 m


Tumble Room Hire

Walled but within our main space. Ideal for larger groups for rehearsal and showings.

Equipped with tumble matting and numerous rigging points.

Dimensions 12m x 18 m.

Rigging points at 5.5m to 6.5m.

Matted working space 13m x 7.5m.

Permanently installed aerial apparatus includes: Tissu, Cord, Trapeze, Drop Line.

photo shooting at Flipside-low res


Please email info@flipsidecircus.org.au or call 3352 7233 for details and availability

Artist rates available for organisations and artists.