Heels - Duo acrobatics
Inspire your staff to go beyond their limits with breathtaking performances from the Flipside Performance Troupe.

Hailed as some of the finest young circus performers in Australia, the Flipside Performance Troupe are well seasoned performers that have delighted audiences on and off the stage at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Woodford Folk Festival and various community and corporate events. To see such young performers at such a high quality elates and inspires individuals to do their best, to achieve their best and to encourage others to do the same. Audience’s walk away feeling as though they have truly witnessed something special – and they have.

Circus Nibbles are short (1-4 minute) acts that can be performed in any location. Young circus performers will entertain the crowds with their amazing acts including contortion, juggling, acrobatics and hula hooping. One the act is done, performers find another spot in the venue and perform once again, or can coordinate around the specific requirements of your event.