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Are you looking for a unique activation for your next event? We have just the thing … bring the circus to your next school fete, event or festival with our community activation workshops!

Flipside’s community activation workshops are all about enlivening spaces and engaging communities. They are particularly successful when we use our freestanding trapeze – the trapeze is highly visible and acts as a magnet drawing people to other circus activities scattered around the base.

Your community will be lining up to hang from the trapeze, learn juggling and manipulation, hoola hoop, mini-trampoline, acro-balance, tumbling and more.

Flipside’s trainers are very experienced at working with a range of skill and fitness levels and with children as young as three years old (with their parents) through to adults.


  • Freestanding outdoor trapeze (suitable for sporting fields, outdoor areas or indoor areas with a high roof).
  • Circus skills workshops (timing flexible)
  • Professional circus trainers, plus all associated insurance costs, risk assessments etc


The trapeze requires a flat piece of ground 8 x 8 metres. The other workshop elements are flexible and generally require around 20-30m2 each.

The capacity for the workshops varies depending on the number of activities. A simple activation can work with 10-15 people at any given time on trapeze and larger activations can work with up to 100. The workshops can be run organically or in structured short blocks.


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