Flipside Circus provides a yearlong program of circus classes alongside the school terms as well as school holiday workshop programs based at our training centre in Alderley. Our classes are suitable for everybody; ages from 18 months – adults, all skill levels, and all abilities.

The benefits of circus classes are many and varied – just as the different tricks you learn are many and varied! Circus classes increase your fitness, strength, flexibility and balance, they are fun, creative and interactive, classes assist with developing excellent focus and multi-tasking abilities and provide a great way to meet other people, and learn new tricks to show off to your friends and family.

Youths performing in Flipside Performance Troupe

Performance Program

6 - 18 Years

An advanced class for students looking to develop performance skills and perform in our annual professional show.
Toddlers learning as part of Flipside Circus Wriggles class


1 - 3 Years

Introduce your toddlers to the wonderful world of circus and encourage their physical, motor and social development.
Circus for beginners

Circus for Beginners

6 - 18 Years

Fun, play based 2 hour workshop to develop circus skills across a variety of different apparatus.
Fly into the Weekend

Fly into the Weekend

6 - 18 Years

Includes outdoor flying trapeze this is a fun, play based 2 hour workshop to develop circus skills across a variety of different apparatus.

Taste of Circus

6 - 18 Years

What does circus taste like? This class is a perfect introduction into the world of circus.


3 - 4 Years

Toddlers are so busy! Circus class is a great place to be busy exploring touch, sound, movement and friends.


4 - 5 Years

A colourful and creative class for the pre-schoolers to have fun while starting to experience more structured learning.
Flipparoos kids circus class


4 - 7 Years

A workshop that is bouncy, active with lots of play! For participants that are not quite ready for a beginner class.
Young teens performing circus activities in Flipside intermediates class


6 - 18 Years

For students with some circus or gymnastics experience who are looking to further develop their abilities.
Teenagers trying out the trapeze apparatus at Flipside Circus

Teens & Flying

13 - 18 Years

It’s one part TGIF one part circus. Entry level class including all of Flipside and outdoor flying trapeze.
Step Ups circus performers in the Queens Street Mall

Step ups

6 - 18 Years

Advanced level training for performance, invitation only class for students willing to perform in a variety of settings.
Students juggling and standing on shoulders at a specialist class

Specialist Classes

6 - 18 Years

Intermediate to advanced students can hone their skills in acrobatics, juggling and aerials.

Wriggles Holidays

18 Months - 3 Years

School holidays are a great time to try something different! Bring your babies and toddlers along to learn some awesome tricks!
School holidays flipperoo camp at flipside

Flipperoo Camp

5 - 7 Years

A workshop that is bouncy, active with lots of play for beginners on school holidays.
Learn 15 circus tricks in one day.

15 Tricks in 1 Day Workshop (Dec)

6 - 18 Years

The pressure cooker workshop where you learn 15 tricks you will never forget and then perform them for your family!
3 Day Circ-ation holiday workshop

3 Day Workshop

6 - 18 Years

A workshop for participants that are keen to develop and show off their performance skills in the holidays.

5 Day Circ-cation Workshops

6 - 13 Years

Immerse yourself in 5 days of intensive circus training. Amaze your family and friends at the end in your performance.
Hoot camp rope climb at Flipside circus venue

Hoot Camp

18 - Years

Leave your office dramas, inhibitions and spandex at the door. It's time for HOOT CAMP!! (Spandex is optional)
Acrobat on swing at a private circus class

Private Classes

18 - Years

Perfect to increase your training and skill level in a one on one setting, advance yourself!
Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes

18 - Years

Gather a group of likeminded people together and specialise your skills, hone in on that trick.
Circus for special needs children 3

Rethink What’s Possible

3 - 10 Years

For children with disabilities and additional needs, from three to ten years of age. Flipside joins forces with On Call Children’s Therapy (OCC) for these workshops.
Where The Wild Circus Is

School Show

3 - 18 Years

The Flipside Circus annual School Show is a chance for all students to experience the fun and excitement of being a part of a circus production.


0 - 100 Years

Come to Flipside Circus on Sundays to play, train and amaze!


15 - 100 Years

Come to Flipside Circus on Sundays to play, train and amaze!

Open Training

15 - 100 Years

Flipside has facilities and times that we welcome open training for circus performers.

Giggles Holidays

3 - 4 Years

Wriggles and Giggles are interactive workshops where parents accompany their children to learn circus skills together.
Ball in the air juggle

Specialist Juggling

10 - 18 Years

Meet weekly with other jugglers to enhance and improve your juggling skills.
adagio duo

Specialist Acrobatics

10 - 18 Years

Close up of acrobat on swing ring

Specialist Aerials

10 - 18 Years

Specialist class to develop techniques and skills in aerials - tissu, trapeze, lyra.
Luster promo image cropped

Backstage Pass

18 - 100 Years

Flipside is proud to announce a new full time, 8 week course for advanced circus, dance and physical theatre performers - Backstage Pass.
Picture 029

Live Well Logan Program

- Years

Come along and learn the circus skills, styles and tricks of hoops and juggles. Open to all ages and abilities. Bookings are required for these sessions.

Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their kids training. Enjoy a magazine, comfy chair, toy box + a cup of tea! If you know a child that would benefit from some amazing new skills, let them know about our free trial classes.

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