Flipside Circus provides a year-long program of circus classes that run alongside school terms. We also offer a school holiday workshop program based here at our training centre in Alderley. Our classes are suitable for everybody; ages from 18 months – adults, all skill levels, and all abilities.

Please note, the age range provided here is a guide and when we allocate people to classes we consider their developmental stage in a circus context, and which class will most suit them. We are flexible! We are a circus!

Families can take advantage of our sibling discount on term classes, where a 10% discount is offered to the second and subsequent enrolments on any term class.

Payment plans are available to all families and are deducted via ezidebit. (Fees apply)

The benefits of circus classes are many and varied – just as the different tricks you learn are many and varied! Circus classes increase your fitness, strength, flexibility and balance, they are fun, creative and interactive. Classes assist with developing focus and multi-tasking abilities and provide a great way to meet other people, and learn new tricks to show off to your friends and family.

Young boy having a great time at the Rosellas circus class

Holiday 15 circus tricks in one day

6 - 12 Years

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! Come and join the circus for a day and learn circus tricks that you will never forget!
SHW 3d am

Holiday 3 Days Workshop AM session

6 - 12 Years

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a circus performer then this workshop is for you!
SHW-3d pm

Holiday 3 Days Workshop PM session

6 - 12 Years

A workshop for participants that are keen to develop and show off their performance skills in the holidays.
Flipperooos at flipside

Holiday Flipperoos Camp

5 - 7 Years

Join us in this bouncy and active workshop with lots of play for beginners on school holidays!

Circus play

1 - 3 Years

Introduce your toddlers to the wonderful world of circus and encourage their physical, motor and social development.
Kindy Camp

Holiday Kindy Camp

2 - 4 Years

In the Kindy Camp our little circus stars work with parents / caregivers and trainers to explore all the fun circus has to offer!
SHW 5 Days full day

Holiday 5 days Circation FULL DAY

8 - 16 Years

Immerse yourself in circus for 5 days of skills training and show development.
SHW 5 Days am session

Holiday 5 days Circation AM session

8 - 16 Years

Can’t commit to the full day? That’s ok. Come and do our morning Circation session and soak up all the great circus skills you can.
SHW 5 Days pm session

Holiday 5 days Circation PM session

8 - 16 Years

Can’t make it in the morning? Come and do our afternoon Circation session and soak up all the great circus skills you can.
Youths performing in Flipside Performance Troupe

Performance Troupe

8 - 18 Years

An advanced class for young artists looking to develop performance skills, work with established professional artists, and perform in professional settings.

Adult class – Intermediate

18 - 100 Years

Ready for the next level? This class is catered to those who want to push their existing circus skills further
Young boy having a great time at the Rosellas circus class

Circus Foundations

6 - 12 Years

Fun, play based 2-hour workshop to develop circus skills across a variety of different apparatus.
Taste image

Taste of Circus

6 - 12 Years

What does circus taste like? This class is a perfect introduction into the world of circus.


3 - 4 Years

Toddlers are so busy! Circus class is a great place to be busy exploring touch, sound, movement and friends.
Flipperooos at flipside


4 - 7 Years

A workshop that is bouncy and active with lots of play!


10 - 17 Years

For students with some circus or gymnastics experience who are looking to further develop their abilities.
FlipsideJuneShoot2015FinalsHR-2001 - low

Risky Business

12 - 17 Years

It’s one part TGIF one part circus. Entry level class including all of Flipside's circus apparatus.
Step Ups circus performers in the Queens Street Mall

Step Ups

8 - 17 Years

Advanced level training for performance, invitation only class for students willing to perform in a variety of settings.
Corporate team building day at Flipside

Hoot Camp

18 - 100 Years

Leave your office dramas, inhibitions and spandex at the door. It's time for HOOT CAMP!! (Spandex is optional)

Specialist – Intro to Mixed Aerials

8 - 17 Years

Have fun and learn new aerial tricks
Acrobat on swing at a private circus class

Private Classes

0 - 100 Years

Perfect to increase your training and skill level in a one on one setting, advance yourself!
small group classes

Small Group Classes

18 - Years

Gather a group of likeminded people together and specialise your skills, hone in on that trick.
Young circus performers on stage

Specialist – Intermediate Mixed Aerials

8 - 17 Years

This is an ideal second class for students wanting more time in the air!

Explore The Possibilities

3 - 10 Years

For children with disabilities and additional needs, from three to ten years of age. Flipside joins forces with On Call Children’s Therapy (OCC) for these workshops.

Open Training

21 - 100 Years

Flipside has facilities and times that we welcome open training for circus performers.
Flipside "Flipside Between You and Me" performance - four jugglers, one on shoulders of another

Specialist – Advanced Juggle (open for adults)

8 - 100 Years

Brisbane's only specialist juggling class. If you love to juggle and want to learn from the best, then this is one class you don’t want to miss.
Flipside Between You and Me_MG_3597

Specialist – Advanced Tumbling

8 - 17 Years

This specialist class for is for tumblers and acrobats wanting to further develop skills.
FlipsideJuneShoot2015FinalsHR-2661 low2

Specialist – Advanced Mixed Aerials

8 - 17 Years

Ready to take your aerial skills to the next level?
acro dance

Specialist – Intro to Acrobatics

8 - 17 Years

For those interested in focusing on acrobatics skills and building strength towards more complex tumbling.
adult classes intermediate

Adult Class – Mixed Aerials

18 - 100 Years

This class will suit those adults that have a reasonable level of fitness and have some experience in circus (or similar) activities.
Adul fitness

Adult Class – Intro to Circus

18 - 100 Years

It’s never too late to join the circus! Under the guidance of professional circus trainers, this class is designed to introduce absolute beginners to the world of circus

NEW Specialist – Balance

8 - 18 Years

Increase your technique and alignment for balancing on your hands with another person and on other objects.
Flipside Circus SHW hero 2017 Web

School holiday workshops at Redland

18 Months - 16 Years

We're heading east! Flipside Circus will be holding holiday workshops this July and December at the Redland Performing Arts Centre.

Parents are encouraged to stay and watch their kids training. Enjoy a magazine, comfy chair, toy box + a cup of tea! If you know a child that would benefit from some amazing new skills, let them know about our free trial classes.

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