Learn techniques to tackle three, four and five balls and beyond as well as clubs, rings and just about anything that can be thrown in the air. Plus, you’ll learn the basics of juggling notation and how to juggle in a group. And when your arms fall off, we’ll teach you to juggle those, too!

Join Master Trainer Davey Samford to develop skills and acts in solo and group juggling.

This is an ideal second class for students who love juggling. Must be able to do a three ball juggle to join class.

Now open to Adults!!

Get a 30% discount when enrolling for a second class, ideal to complement your regular weekly circus class.

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Wed 29 Jan to Wed 1 Apr (10 weeks)

Bookings can commence at any time.

Flipside "Flipside Between You and Me" performance - four jugglers, one on shoulders of another

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