If you are just starting out in circus, or if you are a seasoned performer looking for more intensive training – private classes may be for you. Our trainers are equipped with a wide variety of skills and specialisations and are ready to tailor-make a personal circus training program that will work with your individual goals whether they be to increase your fitness, hone in on some technique or just to have fun. Private classes are a great way to learn the essential core circus skills to gain an overall understanding of circus (tumble, mini tramp, group acrobatics, handstands, hoop dive). Participants also: benefit from improved confidence levels, gain social skills, enjoy the fun, learn group awareness and team building, experience the joy of learning new skills, increase energy levels and meet new people. In one private session, you will learn up to 4 times the amount you will learn in a group class, depending on your strength and ability. One private class a month will greatly boost your skill level. Your ongoing class remains a place where you can focus on the core circus and group skills, with an added boost!

Acrobat on swing at a private circus class

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