Performance students train at an advanced level acquiring and honing their performance and circus skills. Students may be invited to perform in shows which in previous years have included seasons at the Woodford Folk Festival, Sydney’s Hoopla Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Judith Wright Centre, Lake Kawana Community Centre and more.

Flipside Circus subsidises the Performance Program fees. This program at our normal rate would cost $1,680 per term but we only charge $840 per term representing a 50% discount.

Flipside Circus is happy to provide this subsidy because we believe so strongly in providing opportunities for students to excel in training and in performance if they choose. Family members will also be asked to be active participants and provide support from time to time to the Flipside community (e.g. working bees, etc).

This is an invitation only program. Auditions are held twice a year (June and December). Please phone our friendly staff to find out more information.


Term 1:

Thursday 28 January – Thursday 24 March (9 weeks)

Monday 1 February – Monday 21 March (8 weeks)
Tuesday 2 February – Tuesday 22 March (8 weeks)

Term 2:

Monday 11 April – Monday 20 June (9 weeks)
Tuesday 12 April – Tuesday 21 June (11 weeks)
Thursday 14 April – Thursday 23 June (11 weeks)

Youths performing in Flipside Performance Troupe

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