Flipside Circus is Queensland’s largest youth circus company with a national reputation for training and shows. At Flipside, we encapsulate our core values across every program: Self, Work, Trust, Dream, Risk, Show Off, Laugh!

A not-for-profit organisation (Incorporated in 1998) Flipside Circus has grown steadily from a solid grass roots and community base. Our activities are child-centred and empowering, both in content and process. The steady development of our organisation has focused on achieving congruency between our goals and actual practice, alongside a deep desire to ensure financial sustainability for Flipside’s future.

Flipside Circus values children and young people as cultural creators. The organisation aims to instil in young people Flipside’s core values of safe risk taking, hard work, showing off, laughter, building trust and valuing dreams and aspirations through providing access to all young people regardless of background and location.

Flipside Circus provides a circus program that is extensive and includes an exciting range of circus activities. Children can start in Circus Foundations and there is a clear path through Intermediate, Advanced and then into the Performance program if desired.

Flipside has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s leading youth circus companies. Our performances have earned wide applause at major Australian Festivals and theatres and we also regularly perform at smaller community events.

In 2010, Flipside Circus moved to our 1540 square metre dedicated training centre in Alderley, opening the next chapter of the organisation’s exciting story. This base provides an opportunity for continued growth and financial sustainability.

Our primary goal is to provide an environment for our training and performance programs that is safe and respectful, and of course fun! If you wish to view the Flipside Circus Code of Conduct or Participant Behaviour Management Policy, please contact our administration team.

Since September 2009, Flipside Circus has had Deductible Gift Recipient status and Tax Concession status as a charitable institution.

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